Our office is all-digital!

Dr. Zeller and the Five Pines team are continuously incorporating the latest technology into our practice. Our advanced equipment means more precise diagnostics and improved efficiency.

Digital X-Rays

Panoramic X-ray

X-rays are a powerful diagnostic tool that allows dentists to see the condition of your roots, nerves and bone, check for cysts or impacted teeth and catch decay before significant damage is done. The digital x-rays we use at Five Pines reduce radiation exposure (up to 90% less than traditional systems) and without needing any processing chemicals, they’re environmentally friendly too.

Digital x-ray sensors are comfortable and the whole process is faster. The images are available within seconds and can be viewed on our computer monitors and tablets so Dr. Zeller can review the images with you.

We also have digital panoramic x-rays which allow us to see your entire mouth instead of isolated areas. This full view is especially helpful in complex full-mouth restoration and orthodontic treatments like Invisalign.

Ultrasonic Scaler

Ultrasonic Cleaner

An ultrasonic scaler looks similar to a normal dental pick but uses ultrasonic vibrations to break apart plaque and calculus on your teeth. We might use it during your dental cleaning to help remove extra-stubborn calculus.

The tool also emits a slow stream of water, increasing comfort for the patient during and after the procedure. It can also be used with an antiseptic solution which helps kill the bacteria that causes gum disease and other periodontal issues.

Intraoral Camera

Intraoral Camera

Much like digital x-rays, digital photographs taken with our intraoral camera are a helpful diagnostic and patient education tool. The camera is a similar shape and size to a toothbrush so it’s quite small and maneuverable. We can use it to see angles in your mouth that are not easily viewed with the unaided eye.

Most importantly, instead of just telling you what’s going on in your mouth, we can show you as well! These high-resolution photos make it easier for you to be an active participant in your oral health.

We can also send these photos to other dentists and specialists and submit them to dental insurance companies as needed.

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