Much of dentistry is about rebuilding teeth and leaving them stronger than we found them. Read about our restorative procedures below.

  • Fillings
  • Crown
  • Bridges
  • Dentures
Traditional dental restoratives, or fillings, are the best way to treat most cavities. Dr. Zeller will remove the cavity and any weakened tooth structure then rebuild the tooth so it is strong, disease free, and can be easily cleaned and maintained. We use tooth-colored composite material on all fillings at Five Pines Dental.
A crown is like a “cap” placed over the tooth to restore shape, strength and appearance and keep a weakened or cracked tooth from breaking. They are also helpful in rebuilding teeth that have been worn down from grinding. Crowns are usually made out of porcelain so they look like natural teeth but we also offer gold crowns for patients who are interested.
A bridge is essentially a set of crowns placed over multiple teeth, used to fill gaps left by missing teeth. They look and feel just like real teeth.
There are many types of dentures for replacing missing teeth, including partial dentures and implant-supported dentures. Modern dentures are versatile, comfortable and can be customized to look and feel like your natural teeth.

We offer special amenities and sedation options that can help you relax while we perform procedures such as these. Call us at 503-482-2160 and we can discuss how we’ll ensure maximum comfort for your visit.

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