Sedation Dentistry

Don’t Avoid the Dentist Because of Fear

If you feel nervous about visiting the dentist or have had a bad dental experience in the past, please let us know. The more we know about your dental history, the better equipped we’ll be to customize an experience just for you. Dr. Zeller will always take the time to answer your questions, explain treatment options and work at a pace you’re comfortable with.

Sedation dentistry can be a great option for patients who need some extra help relaxing or for complex procedures. We offer two forms of sedation at Five Pines Dental.

  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Oral Sedation
Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, helps takes the edge off while you’re in the chair. It is administered through a small mask over the nose – so no shots or pills required. Nitrous oxide leaves your system rapidly, so all effects are gone by the time you leave our office. This allows you to return to work or drive home on your own.
Oral Sedation is a more pronounced, deeper sedation but patients remain awake and able to communicate with us. Patients take an oral medication before their appointment, so that at the time of treatment they feel calm and at ease. With oral sedation you’ll need a ride to and from your appointment and won’t be able to go back to work.

A sedation option is chosen only after Dr. Zeller is able to review a patient’s health history. We take all factors like medications, alcohol consumption and smoking into careful consideration, and we’ll go through the proper preparation steps prior to a visit with dental sedation.

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