We’re Vaccinated!

We are happy to announce that the entire Five Pines team is now vaccinated against COVID-19!

We know there are still uncertainties even after being vaccinated (protection against variants, long-term immunity, etc.) but the team felt the best way to protect ourselves, our patients, and the community is by getting vaccinated.

We also want to emphasize that none of our COVID-19 safety procedures at the office will be changing. We’ll still be wearing masks, conducting daily screenings, keeping up with our strict disinfecting protocol and monitoring state and federal guidelines for PPE usage.

Since many in Portland are still waiting for their turn in the vaccine rollout, let’s chat about mRNA vaccines! We love reading about science, particularly when it’s broken down by health professionals, doctors, and scientists. We’ve compiled a helpful list of links that explain how your immune system works, what viruses do, and how the SARS-COV-2 virus vaccination was created: