Root canal therapy in Downtown portland

What is root canal therapy?

Root canal therapy is used to repair infected teeth. Teeth become infected when the outer layers of the tooth are destroyed by extensive decay or dental trauma, exposing the vulnerable “pulp” inside the tooth to oral bacteria. With a root canal, Dr. Richard Zeller can remove the infected pulp, restore your tooth, and prevent further complications. If you think you may need a root canal in Portland, contact Five Pines Dental today to schedule a consultation with our team.

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An infected tooth counts as a dental emergency.

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What to expect at your root canal appointment in downtown portland

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numbing & Prep

To begin the root canal process, Dr. Zeller will clean and numb the treatment area. We also offer sedation dentistry to keep you feeling comfortable throughout the root canal process.

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Cleaning & Restoring the tooth

Next, Dr. Zeller will create a small opening in your tooth with a dental drill. Through this opening, he will remove damaged and decayed pulp. Then, he will flush and sanitize the tooth, and fill it with an inert material called “gutta-percha.”

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temporary filling or crown

After restoring your tooth, Dr. Zeller will place a temporary crown or filling to protect your tooth. You will need to come back to Five Pines Dental in a couple of weeks to have a permanent porcelain crown attached to your tooth.

Benefits of root canal therapy

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get pain relief

Toothaches caused by infected teeth can be excruciating, and make it nearly impossible to live your normal day-to-day routine. With root canal therapy, you’ll get the pain relief you need.

prevent tooth loss

If you don’t treat your infected tooth, it will die and require extraction, or it may even fall out on its own. With a root canal, you can save your natural tooth and protect your oral health.

save time & Money

Saving your tooth with root canal therapy is much cheaper than alternatives like extracting your tooth and replacing it with a dental implant. Root canal therapy is simple and cost-effective, and eliminates the need for more costly and complex dental procedures.

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Root canals are painless because we numb your mouth with a local anesthetic.

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Have questions about root canal therapy? Explore our answers.

do root canals hurt?

Not at all. Your mouth will be completely numb when Dr. Zeller performs your root canal at Five Pines Dental, and we offer sedation dentistry to keep you comfortable throughout the process. In fact, a root canal actually provides pain relief. Infected teeth often cause really painful toothaches. But after your root canal, the source of your pain will be gone. You will start to feel better almost immediately.

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do I need a root canal if I have a tooth ache?

Not always. Toothaches are most often caused by infected teeth, but it’s sometimes possible for something else to be causing your pain. For example, untreated tooth grinding (bruxism) can sometimes cause toothache. Or, if you have a wisdom tooth that’s growing into your mouth incorrectly, this can cause a toothache in the back of your mouth.To make sure that a root canal is right for you, it’s important to see an experienced dentist in Portland, such as Dr. Richard Zeller. Once you get diagnosed, you can take the next steps that are necessary to eliminate your pain and restore your oral health, no matter what the issue may be.

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Studies show that a person’s satisfaction with their smile has a strong effect on their mental health.

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